A Letter From The Director

The Midnight Call

Being violently roused out of peaceful dreams by a sudden pounding on his door, the man jolted up to a sitting position. Such a rude awakening ruptured a floodgate of panic within him. Surely the cause of this midnight terror must be death or illness! Jumping to his feet, he ran to the window. Peering down to the lower level, the man beheld a murky silhouette pummeling his door with urgency.

“Say, what is it man? What’s wrong?” he cried to the shadow below.

Thank God Someone Cared!

It doesn’t look like you’ll be able to go to camp this year. There just isn’t any money.” As Mom spoke those words, anxiety overwhelmed me. No summer camp? There had to be some way!

Friends Are Friends Forever

Eight years ago my passion to make a difference in the inner city had dimmed to a flickering ember. Constant demands of working with people in crises, the financial responsibilities of running a ministry, a myriad of administrative tasks, and a severe volunteer shortage had levied a costly toll from my enthusiasm, creativity, and energy. Simply put.... I had lost my joy!


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